Top Scores Xmas Special

Happy Holidays to all of you retro readers and listeners out there.  Jam here, with a special Xmas Top Scores I cooked up while enjoying the holiday.  We hope it enhances your enjoyment of the festivities.  Heck, play it at your holiday parties!

Track List:

  • Main Theme - Christmas Nights into Dreams (Saturn)
  • Level 1 - Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare 98 (PC)
  • Level 3 - Christmas Lemmings (Amiga)
  • A Sport to Catch a Mackerel - James Pond II: Codename Robocod (Mega Drive/Genesis)
  • Merry Xmas Neo Kobe - Snatcher (Mega CD/Sega CD)
  • Freezy Peak - Banjo Kazooie (N64)
  • Jungle Bells - Donkey Kong Country 3 (SNES)
  • Under Ocean - Wonder Boy in Monster World (Mega Drive/Genesis)
  • Big Snowman - Snowboard Kids (N64)
  • Diamond Dust, Act 2 - Sonic 3D (Mega Drive/Genesis)
  • Ice Cap Zone, [...]

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