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Saturday, 10 February 2018 02:06

Season 12, Episode 05

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We played 13 hours and only finished the prologue at the following link. This may read like a review, but…
Saturday, 03 February 2018 02:21

Season 12, Episode 04

Written by
We’re not saying he cheated, but he probably cheated at the following link. Destiny 2 is now out of my…
Saturday, 27 January 2018 05:16

Season 12, Episode 03

Written by
We may finally find out what Matt has played at the following link. Monster Hunter World just might be finding…
Saturday, 20 January 2018 03:13

Season 12, Episode 02

Written by
For the 500th time you can listen to the show at the following link. I had a lot written here…
Saturday, 06 January 2018 01:07

Season 12, Episode 01

Written by
We’re knocking on 500’s door at the following link. There is no show next week. I’ll be in San Antonio…
Saturday, 30 December 2017 01:27

Season 11, Episode 48

Written by
We can’t thank you enough at the following link. Welcome to the end of our 11th season. Welcome to the…
Saturday, 16 December 2017 01:38

Season 11, Episode 47

Written by
We’re carefully unwrapping our presents at the following link. This is our Christmas episode! Yeah, so normally we’d do a…
Saturday, 09 December 2017 01:54

Season 11, Episode 46

Written by
We were live (and you weren’t there) at the following link. Award shows are a thing and video games have…
Saturday, 02 December 2017 01:59

Season 11, Episode 45

Written by
We’re back with our Black Friday hauls at the following link. I think, in my heart, I feel like companies…
Saturday, 18 November 2017 01:55

Season 11, Episode 44

Written by
The dark side did nothing wrong at the following link. While there is probably two hours worth of conversation to…
Saturday, 11 November 2017 00:31

Season 11, Episode 43

Written by
The movie opinions of Matt are his own and do not necessarily represent the views of IGC, its staff and,…
Saturday, 04 November 2017 03:15

Season 11, Episode 42

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We’re almost finished talking about Destiny 2 at the following link. How do you celebrate 500 episodes? We’re not sure…
Saturday, 28 October 2017 00:41

Season 11, Episode 41

Written by
We’re not all there at the following link. The day has finally come and gone. This past Friday saw the…
Saturday, 21 October 2017 03:36

Season 11, Episode 40

Written by
We’re early at the following link. I wish we could have Sara on with every episode. A female perspective in…
Sunday, 15 October 2017 23:42

Season 11, Episode 39

Written by
Happy Birthday Matt!! Oh, and the show is at the following link. How many times do you replay a game?…
Sunday, 08 October 2017 22:53

Season 11, Episode 38

Written by
We’ll apparently just let anyone on this show at the following link. We’ve complained before about grouping up game releases.…
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