Mom's Minute 11-6-2017

Happy Veterans Day!  Mom's Minute with Ms. H Video Game Show's 234th episode get started with a patriotic selection in honor of the upcoming Veterans Day.  She discusses the video game -- Battle Islands Commanders and lists the new video game releases.  Lively discussion followed on there actually being a video game released by the name of 911 Operator.  A rumored new Superman video game is discussed during the Video Game Hot Topics segment.  Ms. H gives her assessment of the celebrity video gamer of the week and  shares experiences during her visit to GameStop.  She discusses the Video Games Event as well.  The Mom's Minute Video Game Trivia contest is discussed.  Ms. H encourages everyone to participate by answering the question correctly using the hashtag MomsMinuteTrivia on twitter.  Ms. H rounds out the Mom's Minute Video Game Show with Ms. H with her words for you, short and sweet that victory is eminent when its sources are positivity and strength.

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