Mom's Minute 11-13-2017

Happy Monday Everyone! Ms. H gets her show to a fun-filled start by discussing a free video game she played on her PS4 called Hue.  She told everyone to check to see if a game is free for only a limited time so as not to possibly miss free games available. Additionally, Ms. H talked about video games new releases.  The news of an increase in the number of characters that can be used on twitter headlined the news as well as the upcoming movie Justice League. Ms. H discussed the Video Game Awards event coming to L.A. She also directed everyone to her website for her reviews of the Blindspot TV show episodes as well as other information.  Ms. H's visit to Target highlighted the video game field trip segment.  She announces the video game trivia question which can be answered on twitter under hashtag MomsMinuteTrivia. Ms. H rounds out the Mom's Minute with Ms. H Video Game Show with her words for you, short and sweet which is to extrapolate positivity wherever you are.    

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