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Now, the world don't move to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you, may not be right for some. A show is born, it's a show of means. Then along come three, they got nothing but their jeans. But they got, Dead Pixel Live. It takes, Dead Pixel Live. It takes, Dead Pixel Live to move the world. 

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30-09-2019 Hits:634 Dead Pixel Live Blog dhopkins - avatar dhopkins

  This post is titled 'Criticism' This is an issue that has been bugging me for a few days now but now I believe I can put it behind me, mostly thanks to Once upon a time in Hollywood and Quentin Tarantino. First off, I saw 'Once upon a time' over the weekend (in 70mm!) and while it's not my favorite Tarantino film, I enjoyed it. I even looked up some reviews to see what the critics thought. What ended up intriguing me wasn't what the critics said, but the back and forth of the comments from readers (viewers?). No one commented...

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Classic AG: Locker Room Talk - DerrickH…

14-10-2016 Hits:5049 Dead Pixel Live Blog  - avatar

In a classic AllGames moment from March 2013, the guys on the Dead Pixel Live podcast engaged in the sort of 'locker room talk' that is all over the news these days. The outcome may be different from what you might expect. Take a listen to the to shocking revelations of how men really talk about women and consent in private. If features a spirited discussion on just what constitutes a crime, construction workers, Emmanual Lewis, and the Audi S8. Click to Listen to the classic clip:{audio}http://media.allgames.com/griddlecakes/dpl_classic_ep750_lockerroomtalk.mp3{/audio}   Here's the Audi SuperBowl Commercial referenced in the clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky7ic1Ro9yw

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Classic AG: Derrick, Tedakin and Legend6…

07-04-2016 Hits:5797 Dead Pixel Live Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

Have you ever wondered why Derrick's blood pressure is so high? This classic exchange may help shed some light on why he has a hard time keeping calm. It features Derrick moderating a discussion with Tedakin and Legend668 on what should have been the simple subject of whether or not Twisted Metal was an awe inspiring press conference reveal for Sony. (spoiler: It wasnt).   Listen to the Clip:{audio}http://objects.dreamhost.com/media.allgames.com/griddlecakes/dpl_twistedmetal_halo_tedakin_legend668.mp3{/audio} Click Here for the full episode of Dead Pixel Live #651

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Supergirl Recap - Episode 6 Seeing Red

06-12-2015 Hits:8254 Dead Pixel Live Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

The episode opens with Supergirl flying over the city in a shot so nice it almost makes up for some of the extra wire-y flying scenes in the past. The tranquil moment is interrupted when Supergirl hears a couple of cars battling in a road rage duel. I would think that traffic skirmishes aren’t really the most effective way to use super powers, but it seems every episode has her being a glorified traffic cop. Two guys are banging their cars together like extras in a Mad Max movie as they drive down the street while yelling PG approved near obscenities...

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Supergirl Recap Episode 4 : Livewire

23-11-2015 Hits:8548 Dead Pixel Live Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

Another week, and another ugly bubbly face is on my screen. One thing humans have over aliens, superior skin care products. The alien is being escorted down the hallways of the DEO in chains that look like they were designed to be broken out of. Oh look, the chains were just broken out of. Luckily Supergirl is there to the beat down on the prisoner before too much mayhem happens. During the brawl her sister calls to complain that Supergirl is late to something. I’m guessing Supergirl is wearing a bluetooth headset, since she answers the phone by touching her...

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Supergirl Recap - Episode 3 Fight or Fli…

12-11-2015 Hits:8533 Dead Pixel Live Blog  - avatar

The episode begins where the previous one ended, with Supergirl being interviewed in the middle of the night by Cat Grant aka Prada. Supergirl is hovering about 10 feet in the air above Cat, forcing her to look up to Supergirl. This is one of those ‘superiority' tricks you’re taught in executive school. You know how when you’re in a meeting, the boss’s chair is set a few inches higher than everyone elses?. It’s what someone does when they’re trying to hide an inferiority complex. Hmm, we’re about 20 seconds in and I think I’ve discovered the theme for this...

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Supergirl Recap - Episode 2 Stronger Tog…

03-11-2015 Hits:9799 Dead Pixel Live Blog  - avatar

The episode opens with Supergirl flying through the air telling the viewer that this isnt ‘His’ story. It’s hers, just in case you misread the title of the show. The flying effect looks pretty good, even if it does seem like she’s always traveling in a large circle.   She’s being put through some tests as the Gruff but Lovable guy from the first episode lobs missiles at her. He assures her that these tests aren't ‘just because you’re a woman’. So we’re 1:40 in and we already have 2 instances of reminding everyone that girls are awesome. I can see where...

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5 Star Wrestling Interview with Dan Hink…

23-03-2015 Hits:6004 Dead Pixel Live Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

Dan Hinkles from Serious Parody stopped by Dead Pixel Live on 3/19 to talk with Derrick and Hect about 5 Star Wrestling on the PS3. He details the hurdles he had to overcome as a small developer to bring the game to the PS3 and what he has planned next. Dan tackles questions about possible DLC, the possibility of licensed wrestlers, and the glitches that have popped up since launch.  You can listen to the complete interview below.  {audio}http://media.allgames.com/griddlecakes/deadpixellive031915.mp3{/audio}

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5 Star Wrestling Interview on 3/19

16-03-2015 Hits:5475 Dead Pixel Live Blog dhopkins - avatar dhopkins

On Thursday March 19th, Dead Pixel Live will welcome Dan Hinkles from Serious Parody to talk about their newest wrestling game, 5 Star Wrestling. You can listen in right here at www.Allgames.com/live  at 7pm EST/4pm PST. The chat room will be open as always so feel free to log in and send us some questions.  5 Star Wrestling will be available on the PS3 on March 17th and features an innovative control style, varied movesets, and intense action. If you'll be too busy practicing your figure 4 leglock and can't make it to the live show on Thursday, you can always...

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Eschalon 3 Interview on Jan 23rd

16-01-2014 Hits:6654 Dead Pixel Live Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

The Eschalon series from Basilisk Games is a throwback to old school RPGS. With it's focus on character creation, vast lands to explore and exciting combat, Eschalon 3 caters to the hard core roleplayer. On January 23rd, Dead Pixel Live will interview Thomas Reigsecker, owner of Basilisk and the lead developer of the upcoming RPG. We'll ask him everything you wanted to know about the Eschalon series and more. Listen live to DPL Thursdays right here on Allgames.com and head into the chatroom to suggest questions that we may have missed. But if you're going to be too busy slaying orcs...

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